Marketing & Offers

Implementation is OPTIONAL

General flow

  • Smarts shows marketing offers inside app after client log in to store.

  • Client will tap to add the offer to shopping cart

  • Client can accept more offers during the shopping process (tab will be available)

  • COMING SOON ! Cross-sale offer can be send along with product data which will be displayed after product has been added to shopping cart.


Implement required SDK methods for offers and marketing. There is no additional configuration needed at the moment.


You only need to create a new class, implement OfferAdapter interface and fill all required methods. API endpoints for marketing are created automatically and secured with token.

It is important to add @Component annotation on top of the class. There is no restriction for class name or location in your project. Our SDK will find your implementation based on the interface (DI).

import ee.smarts.common.v1.Entities.offer.Offer;
import ee.smarts.common.v1.requests.OfferSearchRequest;
import ee.smarts.starter.adapter.OfferAdapter;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
import java.util.List;

public class OfferServiceImpl implements OfferAdapter {

    public List<Offer> searchOffers(OfferSearchRequest request) {
        // implement this method
        return null;

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