Home delivery

Implementation is OPTIONAL

General flow

Client flow

  • add products into shopping cart

  • choose delivery method and time

  • authorize the payment

Merchant flow

  • confirm or reject order

  • process order and update order status

The payment will be settled after merchant has been sent out the order ! This process is needed because merchant may not be able to fully fill the order due the out of stock products.

The authorized payment will be release when merchant reject the order or authorization will be expired. Authorization expiration time is set by the card network.


Configure home delivery via Smarts manager UI. Smarts supports 3 delivery methods: courier, parcel, pickup by myself. Home delivery can be fully customized. You can set delivery price, reaction time for each store, availability time and dates, location and much more.

Implement required endpoints for home delivery

Smarts Worker App can be used also to manage home delivery orders


Create following endpoints

Receive order endpoint

Receive order update endpoint

Create following services to send and request order information from Smarts.

Update order status

Find order by id

Find order by invoice id

Find order by institution invoice id

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