Smarts allows to scan products and pay for them by using mobile app.

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General Flow

  • Customer scans store's QR code with Smarts app to start shopping

  • Customer will add products to shopping cart by scanning SKU or searching it from product catalog

  • Customer will pay for the purchase by scanning QR code at the store exit.


Smarts is communicating with merchant through restful API-s. It is required to create API endpoints in the merchant side to establish communication between the Smarts and merchant.

Smarts offers 2 different integration methods

Spring Boot Integration - Generates secured and required API endpoints automatically

Custom integration - Create API endpoints and data objects manually

Smarts need API-s to exchange

  • Product information

  • Invoice and payment confirmation information

  • Purchase check information

  • Marketing information

  • Home delivery information

  • Loyalty card information

Smarts strongly recommends Spring Boot Starter integration.

Payment processing

Smarts is using Stripe payment provider because it allows to

  • move payment amount from client to merchant directly without third party intervention

  • start payment in the merchant behalf

  • one-click onboarding for merchant with Stripe OAuth service

Check stripe pricing here

Before you open your first store

1.) Open Smarts account and create new subscription

2.) Open Stripe Merchant account.

3.) Choose the integration method

For further questions please write an email or call

+372 563 14 762

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